Proximity meaning in hindi | Proximity ka matlab 

Proximity meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Proximity 
Usage of Proximity: 1: Erie is in proximity to Cleveland 2: The mild climate of the city and close proximity to ocean 3: In large part due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains 4: The weather is moderated by proximity to the ocean 5: Because of the proximity of the election 6: Humidity tends to be high year-round due to the city's proximity to the sea. 7: Since many tornadoes are audible only in very close proximity 8: Because of its proximity to the mountains 9: As a result of Bermuda's proximity to the southeastern U.S. coast 10: Its proximity to large urban centers
Proximity ki paribhasha : snbndh men jisase vishesh antar na ho ek prakaar ki mukti jisamen mukt jiv ka bhagavaan ke samip pahuanch jaana maana jaata hai

Usage of Proximity in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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