Psalm meaning in hindi | Psalm ka matlab 

Psalm meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Psalm 
Usage of Psalm: 1: This psalm denotes a Father Son relationship between God and the Messiah 2: Augustine described the responsorial singing of a Gradual psalm at Mass. 3: Catholic Liturgy verse Sort the priest or cantor said, whole or in part, in the office of the church before a psalm or hymn, and after repeated whole
Psalm ki paribhasha : kisi devata ka chhndobaddh svaroopakathan ya gunakirtan taata, knbal ya chamade aadi ki bani hui vah khuraji kisamen do or anaaj aadi bharane ka sthaan hota hai aur jo bharakar bailon ki pith par rakhi jaati hai baar baar kisi poojy ya devata aadi ka naam lena

Usage of Psalm in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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