Pulp meaning in hindi | Pulp ka matlab 

Pulp meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Pulp 
Usage of Pulp: 1: Jams and jellies are made from the pulp of various fruits. 2: The mush of the wood pulp is used in manufacturing paper. 3: he pounded it to a pulp 4: She uses recycled paper pulp for making baskets. 5: Most of the kashmir handicraft items are made from pulp of waste paper. 6: The pulp and seeds are then piled in heaps 7: The fermented pulp trickles away, leaving cocoa seeds behind to be collected. 8: Science fiction pulp magazines were sold in the stores 9: A few common examples include: the production of pulp and paper 10: Tulip bulbs - cooked to a pulp - were a common food as well.
Pulp ki paribhasha : nali ki hadi ke bhitar ka gooda jo bahut komal aur chikana hota hai itana naram aur dhila ki dabaane se bhitar ka ras ya gooda baahar nikalane lage jisaka mooly saadhaaran se kuchh kam ho baarah prakaar ke raajaaon men vah raaja jo do raajaaon ke bich yuddh hote samay kisi ki or na ho, kinaare rahe kisi phal ka saar bhaag jo chhilake ke niche hota hai

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