Pungent meaning in hindi | Pungent ka matlab 

Pungent meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Pungent 
Usage of Pungent: 1: A plant of the Solanaceae family, a pungent taste and statement, which is used as a condiment to flavor meats 2: A pungent wind 3: Botanical It is used only in this name alénois Cresson, cruciferous Plant which, like watercress, a pungent flavor 4: Botanical plant with milky juice, pungent and corrosive 5: Chemistry and strong odor and pungent flavor given off by decomposing under action of the fire, certain organic materials 6: End acute and pungent something whatsoever 7: From the strong pungent mustard 8: Give MEET also means a more pungent taste, a higher taste for seasonings, to sauces, stews 9: His style of originality, a strong pungent original character 10: In terms of chemistry, sulfurous acid, an acid compound of sulfur and oxygen, whose smell is pungent and which is formed by the combustion of sulfur in the air
Pungent ki paribhasha : bura ya uddhegajanak jisaka svaad nima, gurucha, chiroyate aadi ke samaan ho mamirai ke jhaad ka ek naam jyotish men moola, aarda्raa, jyeshthaa, ashvini aur revati nakshatron men budh ki gati jisake khaane se jibh men ek prakaar ki ainthan ya snkoch maaloom ho jisaka svaad bahut tej ya charapara ho

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