Quadrant meaning in hindi | Quadrant ka matlab 

Quadrant meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Quadrant 
Usage of Quadrant: 1: He took a quadrant of the pizza. 2: Also in this quadrant are Russian Hill 3: A quadrant 4: A quadrant 5: In terms of geometry, he said the hundredth part of a quadrant in a centesimal division system circumference 6: of Architecture and Carpentry concave molding with a profile of a quadrant 7: SECTOR also said an astronomical instrument, which is less extensive than the quadrant 8: The left upper quadrant 9: The right upper quadrant 10: We use the quadrant to take the heights, distances and to several other transactions
Quadrant ki paribhasha : chatushkon maaniky ki ek visheshata vah vaayu jo guda ke maarg se nikale kisi chij ke chaara- bhaagon men se ek

Usage of Quadrant in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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