Quickness meaning in hindi | Quickness ka matlab 

Quickness meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Quickness 
Usage of Quickness: 1: and exaggeration, that do not jump from one place to another, Go, go from one place to another with extreme quickness 2: Haste, speed, quickness 3: He did this with great quickness, with great hand quickness 4: Presence of mind, liveliness, quickness judgment which do or say on the spot what is the best thing to do or say 5: Quickness, agility, quickness 6: The quickness of his mind always amazes me 7: The quickness of his responses to me entertained 8: The quickness of the coup 9: , devour a book, books, read them with greed, with extreme quickness 10: , Devour a book, devouring books, The read avidly, with extreme quickness
Quickness ki paribhasha : sharir men se mal putr aadi nikalan ki pravratti

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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