Quirk meaning in hindi | Quirk ka matlab 

Quirk meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Quirk 
Usage of Quirk: 1: A strange quirk 2: A strange quirk 3: It also takes Caprice, quip, quirk 4: It says figuratively a person who likes to live alone and which, either by quirk or by timidity or by shadowy independence prevents attendance of the world 5: The quirk mode 6: The quirk of destiny 7: This man is a strange quirk
Quirk ki paribhasha : do pakshon men honevaala vah jhagad jisaka phaisala adaalat se ho kisi baat ke liye gadha hua kaaran praachin raajaniti ke anusaar shatru ko vash men karane ke chaar upaayon men se tisara upaay jisake anusaar shatrupaksh ke logon ko bahakaakar apani or mila liya jaata hai athava unamen paraspar dvesh utpann kar diya jata hai vilakshan ya ad bhut hone ka bhaav

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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