Rally meaning in hindi | Rally ka matlab 

Rally meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Rally 
Usage of Rally: 1: The rally was an attempt to unify the nation. 2: There is a car rally from Delhi to Bombay via Jaipur. 3: The huge response to the rally underlines the public support. 4: The rally was won by an outsider. 5: The rally was successfully organised under his stewardship. 6: Every year there is a large rally in Victoria Park 7: Fonda participated in an anti-war rally held on the National Mall in Washington 8: Texas rally on the night before the election. 9: He attended a Nazi rally in Weimar at which he saw Adolf Hitler. 10: Castro tripped and fell following a speech he gave at a rally
Rally ki paribhasha : bikhari hui chijon ki ikattha karana do ya adhik vastuon ko paraspar is prakaar milaana ki ek ka koi paarsha्v ya ang doosare ke kisi paarsha्v ya ang ke saath dradhataapoorvak laga rahe dosh ya trutiyon ka door kiya jaana

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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