Rattling meaning in hindi | Rattling ka matlab 

Rattling meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Rattling 
Usage of Rattling: 1: A venomous snake having loosely attached horney segments at the end of the
tail which makes a rattling noise when it is angry or afraid.
Most of the rattlesnakes are found in the desert.
2: There is a rattling breeze near the sea shore. 3: The president is just rattling his saber . 4: A rattling chains 5: The backgammon words, gurgling, cuckoo, rattling are formed by onomatopoeia 6: To produce a rattling
Rattling ki paribhasha : .... kuchh ooancha aur apane sthaan se badha hua svar vismayapurn ghatanaa, padaarth ya vastu jo parimaan men alp ya nyoon na ho

Usage of Rattling in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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