Received meaning in hindi | Received ka matlab 

Received meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Received 
Usage of Received: 1: I have received your letter. 2: He has received a decoration for winning a championship. 3: He received my lesions in the accident. 4: i received their felicitated. 5: Notice was received by everyone.
Everyone was looking perplexed.
6: In 1902, Holland received a patent. 7: She later received the Pacem in Terris Award . 8: Tesla received AIEE's highest honor, the Edison Medal. 9: Borlaug has also received the 1977 U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom 10: And he prayed that day and received the Lord.
Received ki paribhasha : pnlaga, kurasi, chauki, takht aadi men khade dnde ya khnbhe ke aakaar ka vah bhaag jisake sahaare usaka dhaaancha ya tal oopar thahara rahata hai jo achchhi tarah dharm ka aacharan karata ho kisi padaarth ka bhaara, taul ya naap aadi

Usage of Received in sentences

The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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