Reconciliation meaning in hindi | Reconciliation ka matlab 

Reconciliation meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Reconciliation 
Usage of Reconciliation: 1: There were also a number of attempts at reconciliation ceremonies 2: It played an important role for reconciliation after the Mozambican Civil War. 3: Perhaps foreshadowing his eventual reconciliation with Prometheus 4: Despite the Sunshine Policy and efforts at reconciliation 5: A mutual friend worked their reconciliation 6: Averaging an accommodation, an interview, a reconciliation between two people 7: He held out his hand in reconciliation signs 8: He said again, familiarly, Vehicles and reconciliation Conciliation is being proposed in a case 9: He spared this reconciliation 10: He worked in their reconciliation
Reconciliation ki paribhasha : kaary kaaran ka pravaah ya nirvaah hona chitr ko sab or se hataakar brahm ki or lagaana aapas ka vah nipataara jisamen donon pakshon ko kuchh na kuchh dabana ya svaarthatyaag karana pade drashtikon ki samaanata ya ekata ve sab chitthiyaaan aur paarsal aadi jo dak se bheji jaayan vah mel jo kisi prakaar ki ladai ya jhagad samaapt hone par ho vaishamy ya virodh aadi ka abhaav

Usage of Reconciliation in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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