Rejoicing meaning in hindi | Rejoicing ka matlab 

Rejoicing meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Rejoicing 
Usage of Rejoicing: 1: The time for rejoicing in Madrid was short-lived. 2: A strong tale rejoicing 3: All the houses were illuminated a sign of rejoicing 4: Announce a celebration, a public rejoicing 5: Bonfires, lights that illuminate the mountains and also in fields, in streets, in public places, as a sign of rejoicing 6: Burying his bachelor Entertaining friends before getting married at last rejoicing 7: It is commonly said of a Great quantity of lights arranged symmetrically on the occasion of rejoicing 8: lit is a sign of rejoicing 9: rejoicing 10: We made great rejoicing, there was great rejoicing on the occasion of this event
Rejoicing ki paribhasha : praphullata ya bhay aadi ke kaaran rongaton ka khad hona ek alnkaar jisamen ek ke gun ya dosh se doosare men gun ya dosh dikhalaaya jaata hai isake chaar bhed hain—k gun se gun hona

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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