Remission meaning in hindi | Remission ka matlab 

Remission meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Remission 
Usage of Remission: 1: The doctor said my cancer was in remission . 2: Spontaneous remission can occur in multiple sclerosis 3: Administration remission or reduction of a tax 4: Do not expect the point of remission and absolutely , remission Point 5: Do not wait any remission that creditor 6: Get remission letter 7: His hatred has no remission 8: I spent remission My farmer to 9: In terms of medicine, Fever fourth, which intermittent Sort let the patient two days of remission 10: In terms of medicine, relapsing fever, infectious and contagious disease, which demonstrated by two of fever at least, separated by a period of remission
Remission ki paribhasha : vetravati ya betava nadi ka ek naam vah ansh jo tootakar alag ho gaya ho raajapooton ka ek vnsh jo agnikul ke antargat maana jaata hai dosh ya trutiyon ka door kiya jaana

Usage of Remission in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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