Remote meaning in hindi | Remote ka matlab 

Remote meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Remote 
Usage of Remote: 1: A detour is being made to see the remote village. 2: The detonation of the bomb in the railway station was done by a remote control. 3: he lost the remote for his TV 4: The drive for literacy has been quite successful in remote areas. 5: He spent his early years on remote Cat Island 6: 180 Amerindian languages are spoken in remote areas. 7: Individual local loop telephone lines are connected to a remote concentrator. 8: On the remote South Atlantic island Tristan da Cunha 9: The remote Tunguska region is most famous for the 1908 meteorite impact 10: After exemplifying the general decline even in the most remote areas
Remote ki paribhasha : desha, kaal ya snbndh aadi ke vichaar se bahut antar par anuchit riti se rakha hua

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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