Respite meaning in hindi | Respite ka matlab 

Respite meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Respite 
Usage of Respite: 1: The Company took this respite to seize Manila in 1762. By the Treaty of Paris 2: Arriving the theater, I was well caught: there was respite 3: figuratively, it means Releasing physical tension, moral or intellectual Moment and quiet, respite resulting 4: Give me some respite 5: Give respite 6: He had a few moments of respite 7: His bad start to give him respite 8: Hold someone closely monitor the carefully leave little freedom, did not give him respite 9: I gave him a respite of one month 10: It says not to own that in speaking of hair and hair, when respite from the opposite direction to that in which they are naturally coated
Respite ki paribhasha : paas men koi kaam na hone ki sthiti niyamita, uchit ya aavashyak se adhik samay kisi kriya ya vyaapaar ka kuchh der ke liye bad hona

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The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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