Restricted meaning in hindi | Restricted ka matlab 

Restricted meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Restricted 
Usage of Restricted: 1: Enter a restricted zone. 2: Punitive methods are restricted in Montessory. 3: Travel was greatly restricted into, and out of, East Germany. 4: Finland, and Singapore have restricted the use of animals in entertainment. 5: This article focuses on the more restricted use of the word. 6: Their populations are restricted to the islands of Rinca 7: During this time most of what is known as ethnologie was restricted to museums 8: The word's meaning became restricted to "spirit of wine" in the 18th century 9: In 1634, its use was restricted to the monarch's ships. 10: He also restricted it as much as he could on native reserves and territories.

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The word can be used as verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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