Result meaning in hindi | Result ka matlab 

Result meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Result 
Usage of Result: 1: She is ecstatic about her result in research. 2: the result was a provocation of vigorous investigation 3: The scientist got the efficacious result of getting the mutants. 4: I am immune to small pox as a result of vaccination. 5: the result was, de facto, a one-party system 6: i felt woot when i get to know about the result of my interview. 7: The result was presented in decimals . 8: My all hopes were shattered when the result was out. 9: He foretold the result of the cricket match. 10: Overfishing will result in the entinction of rare species
Result ki paribhasha : ek prakaar ki chheni jisase chitere aur sngataraash saadi pattiyaaan banaate hain vanaspati men honevaala vah bich athava poshak dravy ya goode se paripoorn bijakosh jo kisi vishisht RRitu men phoolon ke aane ke baad utpann hota hai itana maan ya adhikaar ki jo baat chaahe kar ya kara sake ishaan aur vaayavy kon ke bich ki disha ek roop ya avastha ko chhodkar doosare roop ya avastha ko praapt hona yuddh ya ladai men vipakshi ke viruddh saphalata

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The word can be used as noun, verb or intransitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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