Revolve meaning in hindi | Revolve ka matlab 

Revolve meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Revolve 
Usage of Revolve: 1: we revolve from the path were scalariform. 2: The leading themes revolve around the nature of Tao and how to attain it. 3: The domestic economy continues to revolve around subsistence agriculture 4: Themes revolve around love and religious introspection. 5: All planets revolve around stars. 6: The main views of political power revolve around normative 7: There are seven other planets that revolve around the Sun . 8: There are some other bodies which revolve around the Sun . 9: They revolve around the Sun in highly elliptical orbits . 10: The planets revolve around the sun
Revolve ki paribhasha : kisi prakaar ka nirnay karake parinaam nikaalane ya bhavitavy ko jaanane ke liye buddhi ka upayog karana sone ka ek aabhooshan jo gale men pahana jaata hai ek hi dhuri par chaaron or bhraman karana

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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