Rhyme meaning in hindi | Rhyme ka matlab 

Rhyme meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Rhyme 
Usage of Rhyme: 1: You can rhyme girl with curl. 2: I need to rhyme tree with some other word . 3: As Marc Lamont Hill of PopMatters writes: "Nas' complex rhyme patterns 4: Much modern poetry avoids traditional rhyme schemes. 5: This rhyme scheme is the one used, for example, in the rubaiyat form. 6: These lines may or may not relate to each other by rhyme or rhythm. 7: Verse fables have used a variety of meter and rhyme patterns 8: Just as rhyme was seen in some Anglo-Saxon poems 9: Alliteration was sometimes used together with rhyme in Middle English work 10: He moved the schoolhouse supposedly referred to in the nursery rhyme
Rhyme ki paribhasha : vah vaaky rachana jisase chitt kisi ras ya manoveg se poorn ho manovikaaron par prabhaav dalanevaala ramaniy padyamay varnan aisa pady jisamen kaavy ke gun na hon pady ke do charanon ke antim aksharon ka mel ek prakaar ka shabdaasnkaar ya anupraas jisamen ek hi shabd kai baar aata hai par har baar usake arth bhinn bhinn hote hain pady ke charan ka antim aksharon ka paraspar mel

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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