Ride meaning in hindi | Ride ka matlab 

Ride meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ride 
Usage of Ride: 1: people ride in aeroplanes to get to places quickly. 2: a jittery ride 3: Cowboys ride horses. 4: He wants to ride side-saddle. 5: I like to ride on a pony. 6: she prefers to ride her horse bareback 7: He gave me a ride in his new car. 8: people ride in aeroplanes to get to places quickly. 9: It isn't the best plan, but we'll let it ride . 10: On the banks of the "Little Missouri," Roosevelt learned to ride
Ride ki paribhasha : man bahalaav ke liye ghoomana phirana kisi jiv ka apane ang snchaalit karake paani par chalana kisi chij par visheshata: chalane ke liye chadhane ki kriya ped ki dala, chhat ya aur kisi ooanche sthaan men baaandhakar latakaayi hui dohari ya chauhari rassiyaaan jnjir aadi se bandhi patari jisapar baithakar jhoolate hain

Usage of Ride in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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