Rim meaning in hindi | Rim ka matlab 

Rim meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Rim 
Usage of Rim: 1: the ball hit the rim and bounced off 2: Modern bicycle brakes are either rim brakes 3: Away from the central bulge or outer rim 4: The Sun may be found close to the inner rim of the Galaxy's Orion Arm 5: As their new home on the north rim of the Black Sea 6: The total area within the rim of the reef 7: There is just one small strip of dry land on the eastern rim 8: Curvature of a wheel rim 9: It also says in the theaters, the ledge which limits the front of the stage, and the row of lights that is placed along the rim 10: It also tells of the Parties of a wheel that assemble a side in the hub and the other in the rim
Rim ki paribhasha : thode vayas ki stri kisi tal ke sab or ke baahari kinaare sushrut ke anusaar sharir ki aath prakaar ki sndhiyon men se ek prakaar ki sndhi vah rekha jo kisi gol padaarth ke chaaro or khinchane se bane chaugaan khelane ki gend kisi adhik lnbaayi aur kam chaudaivaali vastu ke ve donon bhaag ya praant jahaaan se chaudai samaapt hoti ho

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The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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