River meaning in hindi | River ka matlab 

River meaning in hindi

How to pronounce River 
As noun : अंबुधिकामिनी उत्कूल कुटिलगा कुटिलगा जँबालिनी जँबालिनी जंवालिनी ज्यानि तटिनो तटिनो तरंगिणी तरंगिणी तरंगिनी दरिया दर्या दर्याउ दुकूलिनी दुकूलिनी द्वीपंती नदिआ नदी तल नदी प्रशत्त्वरी प्रशत्त्वरी मर्य्यादा रोधबका, रोधयती रोहित् वक्षणा विपथगा विपथगा विराविणी विरेफ विरेफ श्रवंतिनी श्रवती श्रुतश्रीणी सधेला समुद्रदयिता समुद्रदयिता समुद्रपत्नी समुद्रपत्नी समुद्रयोषित् समुद्रयोषित् समुद्रांयणा समुद्रार्था सरिता सलितां सलितां सविता सागरगमा, सागरगा सागरगमा, सागरगा सागरगामिनी सागरगामिनी साविनी साविनी सुषित सृदाकु स्रोतोवह स्रोतोवहा हृदनी हृदनी हेलिक ह्वा ह्वा
Usage of River: 1: An elephant is rampaging through the jungle.
The river went into a rampage and flooded the countryside.
2: the river was navigable for 50 miles 3: it is a deep-set river 4: it is a deep-set river 5: Crayfish are found in the river and lakes. 6: Several bodies were recovered from the river after disastorous floods. 7: Bridge a river 8: Bridge a river 9: I like feeding bread to the swans on the river . 10: The river broadened out and became deeper .
River ki paribhasha : jal ka vah praakratik aur bhaari pravaah jo kisi bade parvat ya jalaashay aadi se nikalakar kisi nishchit maarg se hota hua praayaः baarahon mahine bahata rahata ho atthaais vyaason men se ek

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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