Rumour meaning in hindi | Rumour ka matlab 

Rumour meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Rumour 
Usage of Rumour: 1: There is a rumour about your sister,that she got engaged 2: There is a rumour abroad that you are having a love affair with a girl. 3: Rumours are always dressed to convince the rumour mongers. 4: The rumour regarding his reclusiveness is largely a myth 5: En route she heard a rumour that her husband had died. 6: There was a rumour that on the voyage home to England 7: The rumour of the drummer boy's death was perpetuated 8: He spreads a false rumour of his own impotence 9: There is a disputed rumour that Marx was the father of Frederick Demuth 10: It has been suggested that this rumour lacks any direct corroboration.
Rumour ki paribhasha : sarvasaadhaaran ki charcha ka vishay vah khabar jo bahut se logon men phaili hui ho par jisake sachche ya jhoothe hone ka koi nirnay na hua ho vah shabd jo jhat se nigalane, kisi naam athava gili vastu men ghusane ya padne aadi se hota hai

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The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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