Saber meaning in hindi | Saber ka matlab 

Saber meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Saber 
Usage of Saber: 1: Lee was permitted to keep his officer's saber and his horse, Traveller. 2: Red Shirts, saber clubs, and rifle clubs. 3: And he broke down his arm from a saber 4: He fired it a shot saber on the head 5: He gave her flat saber strokes 6: He received in the arm a saber that made him a great gash 7: His hat dampens saber 8: In terms of fencing, advanced Coup Coup worn with the tip of the foil, sword or saber 9: In this sense, we did not use that expression in the trainer saber Soudard 10: It Coutura his face with a saber
Saber ki paribhasha : ek baalisht ka chhota tikona aur dudhaara hathiyaar jo pet men hoola jaata hai lohe ka ek lnba dhaaradaar hathiyaar jisake aaghaat se vastuean kat jaati hai

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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