Scarce meaning in hindi | Scarce ka matlab 

Scarce meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Scarce 
Usage of Scarce: 1: When the cinchona tree became scarce in the 1880s 2: Because written sources of the era are scarce 3: Information on the prequel scripts is comparatively more scarce 4: Rainfall is scarce , falling on isolated days mostly between October to March. 5: Concrete historical evidence for this period is scarce 6: While salt was once a scarce commodity in history 7: Ladysmith, and Kimberley as food began to grow scarce after a few weeks. 8: With scarce water resources 9: While information about Columbus' early years is scarce 10: Foreigners have always been scarce in Chile
Scarce ki paribhasha : jisaka doosara daavedaar na ho nakhi ya hattavilaasini naamak gndhadravy

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The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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