Seasoning meaning in hindi | Seasoning ka matlab 

Seasoning meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Seasoning 
As noun : मसाला
Usage of Seasoning: 1: While slab-cut planks are seasoning 2: Defects due to seasoning are the number one cause for splinters and slivers. 3: Action seasoning 4: Eat one thing at a croque salt, eat the other without seasoning salt 5: Grass fragrant vegetable that is used as a seasoning 6: He knows the art of seasoning praise 7: He said usually is the drawn Powder stigmas of this plant, which is used as a coloring and seasoning 8: hose filled with blood and pork fat with the seasoning necessary 9: in which the chives between seasoning 10: It leaves the Bacile confit vinegar, for the use as a seasoning
Seasoning ki paribhasha : kisi padaarth ko prastut karane ke liye aavashyak saamagri

Usage of Seasoning in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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