Secession meaning in hindi | Secession ka matlab 

Secession meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Secession 
Usage of Secession: 1: 1966. During the Biafran war of secession 2: They enacted a secession ordinance 3: During the secession crisis, many sought compromise. 4: When secession was an issue 5: Confederate sympathizers organized a secession convention 6: After the Swedish secession from the Kalmar Union in 1523 7: The federal government maintained secession was illegal 8: Shortly after the Katangan secession was successfully crushed 9: On hearing of South Carolina's secession from the United States
Secession ki paribhasha : u—aangareji men ek kahaavat hai ki phoot upajaaon aur shaasan karo kisi padaarth par se apana svatv hata lene athava use apane paas se alag karane ki kriya

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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