Secrete meaning in hindi | Secrete ka matlab 

Secrete meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Secrete 
Usage of Secrete: 1: These fibroblasts secrete collagen 2: Microbes simply secrete digestive enzymes into their surroundings 3: In terms of Botany, designates a plant of the family Droseraceae whose leaves secrete droplets 4: In terms of medicine, it means the ability of microbes to develop in the body and secrete it poisons 5: It also said the glands that secrete this substance 6: It is said, by analogy, in terms of Botany, with small rounded nipples or oval, for individuals secrete juices in various plant species 7: Of Accidental Canal surgery that communicates with a gland or a natural cavity and gives passage to physiological or pathological liquid they secrete 8: Sea Nettle, vulgar name under which designates Jellyfish, sea anemones and other coelenterates, which secrete a liquid on the skin producing the effect of the nettle 9: synovial synovial Scholarships and substantively, Small membranous sacs that secrete synovial 10: Glandes mucosal glands that secrete mucus
Secrete ki paribhasha : aisi jagah karana jahaaan koi dekh na sake aisi sthiti men karana jisamen kisi ko dikhaayi na pade ya pata na chale

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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