Seller meaning in hindi | Seller ka matlab 

Seller meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Seller 
Usage of Seller: 1: It was a huge seller in the mini-car market 2: Contract in hand, Contract in which it is understood that one who buys only pays the price of its acquisition, the cost of sales remaining the responsibility of the seller 3: Goods unsavory, goods that are not of the quality required by the regulations or assigned to them by the seller 4: In terms of Jurisprudence, Perfecting the right price, Repair the damage, the damage that experienced the seller of a property 5: In this alleged market, he played the role of seller 6: It says in the current language of a discount that the seller agrees to via 7: Kind desktop or long narrow table on which the merchant had once money and where now spread the goods the seller 8: Memory of Commerce where a seller provides details on the quantity, quality and price of goods he has delivered to someone
Seller ki paribhasha : jo kisi prakaar ka vyaapaar karata ho

Usage of Seller in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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