Set on meaning in hindi | Set on ka matlab 

Set on meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Set on 
Usage of Set on: 1: The ship was set on sail with the heavy shipload of grain. 2: Jane has her heart set on going to London . 3: Jane's heart is set on going to London . 4: Many of them were killed, and their houses set on fire. 5: The coldest temperature ever recorded is 8 °F set on January 25 6: In terms of administration, he said, by extension, a piece set on a particular person 7: It was set on fire 8: The normal tuning was set on the initiative of France, 870 vibrations per second at a temperature of 15 ° 9: Bâton, Stick set on a wooden tray and topped at intervals of levels on which the parrot rises and falls 10: se set on something, Comply with what has been decided or practiced with respect to anything
Set on ki paribhasha : yuddh ke liye uchch svar se aahvaan karana

Usage of Set on in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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