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How to pronounce Shut
As verb : अँटकाना Ex:  When you go out shut the door.
अटकाना Ex:  His unmanned factory had to be shut down. उदसन Ex:  The door was shut with a click. निकाल देना Ex:  He shut down his film studio on the island of Faro and went into exile. बन्द करना Ex:  Butchart and Armstrong were forced to shut down the number three engine बन्द Ex:  Force was with him shut उ:   बरसात में तो सब रास्ते ही बन्द हो जाते थे। व्यपसारण Ex:  Pulling, shut a line on a sheet of paper, on a floor, on a wall व्युदास Ex:  SE RENCOGNER means Withdraw into a corner, shut themselves up at home
Other : कैद करना Ex:  Cuba was forced to shut down 118 factories झिलमिल Ex:  The door blew shut and scared the hell out of me . निमीलित Ex:  Instead, it shipped with a trial version that shut down after 90-days. बंद करना Ex:  Although the synagogues and churches were not shut down बंद Ex:  The door is shut on her by most of the residents उ:   अतः उसने युद्ध बंद करने की पुरु से प्रार्थना की। बन्द खिडकी Ex:  Several were shut down by the Rwandan government in 2006. In September 2006 बन्द खिड़की Ex:  Many local residents tried to get the airport shut down बन्द होना Ex:  But the door was firmly shut on Christopher Columbus's role as governor. बाहर निकालना Ex:  He shut himself in his house भेडना Ex:  He still said to cases where we shut them essential instruments used in various professions or various uses special भेड़ना Ex:  I will not suffer it forgets to me and I shut her mouth मीलित Ex:  Keep mouth shut मूंदना Ex:  Prison of ancient Rome where you shut the slaves condemned to hard labor शट Ex:  Sedition will shut itself
Shut ki paribhasha : rah rahakar prakaash ke ghatane badhane ki kriya ek padaarth ke tal ke saath doosare padaarth ka tal milana dal rakhana
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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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