Singing meaning in hindi | Singing ka matlab 

Singing meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Singing 
Usage of Singing: 1: He was singing at a tenor. 2: Gita enchanted Ram by singing a song. 3: We coaxed her into singing for us . 4: The older boys joined in with the singing . 5: The boss is singing his new secretary's praises . 6: A group more focussed on the singing traditions and the kantele is Värttinä. 7: He learned singing from his parents. 8: Petersburg Conservatory of Music where he studied singing and music . 9: In addition to singing in English and German in a number of films 10: I was singing Anna Bolena and Sonnambula
Singing ki paribhasha : taala, svar ke niyam ke anusaar shabd uchchaaran karana gaane ka vyavasaay karanevaala

Usage of Singing in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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