Slender meaning in hindi | Slender ka matlab 

Slender meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Slender 
Usage of Slender: 1: stems bearing slender wands of flowers 2: She has a slender physche. 3: The grass has long, slender leaves 50–100 cm long and 2–2.5 cm broad. 4: It is an erect annual plant growing to 1.2 m tall, with slender stems. 5: The lower jaw was slender and had no mandibular fenestra 6: A slender column 7: A slender size 8: A write strong slender 9: Branch crumples short and slender branch that can give or fruit wooden or 10: chevelue Racine, Racine composed of filaments almost as slender as hair
Slender ki paribhasha : ek bahut bad ped jo saadhaaranataः saare uttariy bhaarat men sindh nadin se lekar aur bhootaan tak hota hai jisaki motaayi ma ghera bahut hi kam ho jisaka gheraa, lapet athava chaudai kam ho

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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