Softly meaning in hindi | Softly ka matlab 

Softly meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Softly 
Usage of Softly: 1: The mother who held her baby was cooing softly 2: Ask a thing to land softly 3: He entered softly 4: Hitting softly 5: Hitting softly 6: How's the patient? Softly, softly 7: Immediately he began to speak softly 8: It is also used transitively means and say softly 9: MORBID s' says figuratively, in terms of Fine Art, Chairs softly and delicately rendered 10: Slowly, softly the little that is
Softly ki paribhasha : is prakaar jisamen koi sun ya dekh na sake

Usage of Softly in sentences

The word can be used as verb or adverb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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