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Solve meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Solve 
Usage of Solve: 1: he loved to solve chessmate puzzles 2: You can solve this problem in anyway. 3: did you solve the problem? 4: You don't solve Hakeem". 5: To solve this problem 6: Many of the problems above are considered AI-complete: to solve one problem 7: In general, such a problem is very difficult to solve 8: If expedients to solve 9: In ordinary language Prejudging a question, decide before having the depth, before having knowledge of everything that needs to be used to solve 10: It says figuratively ideas that are difficult to reach, questions that it is difficult to solve
Solve ki paribhasha : kisi ulajhi hui vastu ki ulajhan door karana kisi baat ko achchhi tarah jaan lena kisi vastu ke mile ya jude hue bhaagon ko ek doosare se is prakaar alag karana ki usake andar ya usake paar takaanaa, jaanaa, tatolanaa, dekhana aadi ho sake

Usage of Solve in sentences

The word can be used as verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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