Somebody meaning in hindi | Somebody ka matlab 

Somebody meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Somebody 
Usage of Somebody: 1: teach somebody to unlearn old habits or methods 2: Semaphore to somebody that help is needed. 3: I'm too old for somebody to dust my pants . 4: He wouldn't like it if somebody scoped on him . 5: Alston would have somebody start warming up in the bullpen. 6: In his collection of five essays "Did somebody say Totalitarianism? 7: "I didn't want to be somebody else's vision of me", she said. 8: The Ukrainian verb "moryty" means "to poison somebody 9: Ask someone, somebody demanding his resignation 10: Enter the feelings, the ideas, views in somebody Comply with his feelings, his ideas, his views
Somebody ki paribhasha : aisa ek manushy ya padaarth jo agyaat ho

Usage of Somebody in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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