Soup meaning in hindi | Soup ka matlab 

Soup meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Soup 
Usage of Soup: 1: He slurped his soup 2: the soup was spicily flavored 3: The soup was upto everyones liking. 4: He ordered soup first off . 5: Don't linger over your soup . 6: She poisoned the soup with arsenic . 7: The most famous soup might be the Leberknödel Soup. 8: The first course is caldo soup 9: The word soup originates from "sop" 10: The Japanese miso is an example of a concentrated soup paste.
Soup ki paribhasha : vah jhilli ya thaili jisamen garbh se nikale hue bachche ya ande rahate hain kapade ya san ka jhaadou jisase jahaaj ke dek aadi saaph kiye jaate hain mooang arahar aadi ki paki hui daal ka paani jo praayaः rogiyon ko pathy roop men diya jaata hai pake hue maans ka paani

Usage of Soup in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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