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As noun : अगतिमय Ex:  a reliable source of information
आगतत्व Ex:  Uranium is used as a source of nuclear energy. उद्गम Ex:  Petroleum is a fossil fuel. It is a source of various important fuels. उ:   इसका उद्गम तिब्बत में है। उम्म Ex:  Sun is the main source of energy. ओष्ठजाह Ex:  Irrigation by windmills are a good source in agriculture. कच्चा जिन Ex:  Another possible source of the suanpan is Chinese counting rods गदद Ex:  Wool was the main source of fibres for clothing गबदद Ex:  Legislative entities are the main source of statutes गुट्ठल Ex:  After an energy source घपूचंद Ex:  Hamlet has been the source of such studies घपोकानंदन Ex:  The best source on this is Ibn Khaldun घामड़ Ex:  There he named Wild as a manager and source of crime. घोँघा Ex:  The Jordan River is the only major water source flowing into the Dead Sea. छन्नमति Ex:  A major source of Manuel's wealth was the kommerkion छूछू Ex:  To this day the institution's locations are a source of contention. जड़ Ex:  It is often considered to be the source of both existence and non-existence. उ:   इसको जड़ से समाप्त किया जाए। जड्ड Ex:  Soybeans are generally considered to be a source of complete protein ढेँढ Ex:  The source of most chocolate marketed निगु Ex:  The fourth major source are three biographies of the German warrior-bishop St. प्रमूढ Ex:  Another source of labor news is the Workers Independent News बष्ट Ex:  The machines responded by using human beings as their energy source मँगाना Ex:  This region is thought to be the source of short-period comets. मुसल Ex:  Oil is also a major source of government tax revenue. मूर Ex:  Computer games have frequently used cyberpunk as a source of inspiration. उ:   आठ प्रयास में, मूर किसी भी मुक्के को रोकने में विफल रहे। मूरि Ex:  It is the leading source of U.S. imports of oil and products उ:   चर्यापाद में मूरि की पूजा, उत्सवादि विषयों का निरुपण हुआ है। मूल Ex:  The Colorado River's source is La Poudre Pass Lake उ:   इसमें मूल शब्द '"याम" ' है 'आ' उपसर्ग लगा है। मूलनिकृंतन Ex:  Another source is hydroelectric power. मूसरचंद Ex:  According to the official source report रठकठ Ex:  As societies have moved away from agriculture as a primary source of jobs विचारमूढ़ Ex:  Tourism is now an important source of income. ष्ठचुम Ex:  Hong Kong became the main source of foreign investments to the mainland. समुत्पत्ति Ex:  The source of the Nile is sometimes considered to be Lake Victoria सूत्र Ex:  Its usually quoted source is at Thames Head उ:   प्रत्येक वेद का अपना सूत्र है। सूत्रधर Ex:  Mexico has been the leading source of new U.S. residents for over two decades सेँटा Ex:  The Ohio River provides for most of the city's source of drinking water. स्रोत बताना Ex:  Initially, the horses were bred solely for their meat, as a source of food. स्रोत Ex:  Its source is in Zambia but it diverts into Angola उ:   इनके स्रोत बर्फ से ढकी पहाडि़यों में स्थित हैं। हरबोंग Ex:  This would be again a source of criticism from reformers. हीनबुद्धि Ex:  The Southwest United States is a significant source of turquoise हीनमाति Ex:  China has been a minor source of turquoise for 3,000 years or more.
Other : आकर Ex:  Brewer's yeast is known to be a rich source of nutrients उ:   दिल्ली आकर कुछ समय रहने के बाद वे बंबई चले गए। उत्स Ex:  his wife was always a good source of ready cash उद्भव स्थान Ex:  The monsoons are the main source of rainfall for South India. उद्भव Ex:  Reliability of the source of information is correct. उ:   यहां से ही मानव प्रजाति का उद्भव हुआ था। कारण Ex:  Jupiter is the source of the greatest perturbations उ:   जिनके कारण ये स्थान अतुल्य है। खान Ex:  Their works were an important source of income for the city. उ:   बीच में यह खान एकदम बंद पड़ी थी। निकास Ex:  The Western Ghats are the source of all Deccan rivers. उ:   परन्तु उचित जल निकास रहित स्थानों पर खेती को भारी नुकसान होता है। प्रथम कारण Ex:  The 2,574 km- long river has its source in Zambia and flows through Angola प्रभव Ex:  Although Pericles was a main source of his inspiration उ:   आकाश ही सृष्टि का प्रभव प्रतिष्ठा और प्रलयस्थान है इसका विवेचन। मूल कारण Ex:  The main source of support वसीला Ex:  There is also a large modding community using the source engine. साधन Ex:  Tourism has become a larger source of income in recent years उ:   ज्ञान के साधन में उपपत्ति का महत्वपूर्ण स्थान है। सोता Ex:  The most important primary source for his reign
Source ki paribhasha : pretaadi aatmaaon ko bulaane ya vashibhoot karanevaala vahaaan sthaan jahaaan se koi nadi aadi nikale nikalane ke liye khula sthaan ya chhed yogashaastr men ek chakr ka naam pedon ka vah bhaag jo prathvi ke niche rahata hai thode aksharon ya shabdon men kaha hua aisa pad ya vachan jo bahut arth prakat karata ho vrakshon aur paudhon aadi ka vah bhaag jo jamin ke andar daba rahata hai aur jisake dvaara unaka poshan hota hai mangani ka snbndh karaana
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