Spite meaning in hindi | Spite ka matlab 

Spite meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Spite 
Usage of Spite: 1: In spite of intense lobbying the government failed to secure a consensus on the bill. 2: in spite of her love of reading she denied being an egghead 3: In spite of his success he was always overshadowed by his boss 4: The movie folded within a week in spite of all the publicity. 5: In spite of her orders to stay, I left . 6: In spite of significant differences between religions such as Christianity 7: However, in spite of his military prowess Manuel achieved 8: In spite of his world-wide travels 9: In spite of the absence of many of the time's top athletes 10: In spite of the limitations of this method
Spite ki paribhasha : kisi doosari vastu ke saath atynt bhinnata hal men laga hua chilam ke aakaar ka chonga jisamen bhara hua bij hal chalane men baraabar kooand men padta jaata hai abhi- mat va ipsit ki praapti hone par bhi uddhat garv ya maan ke kaaran anaadar ya ghranaabhaav chitt ko apriy lagane ki vratti

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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