Spoiled meaning in hindi | Spoiled ka matlab 

Spoiled meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Spoiled 
Other : अबतर
Usage of Spoiled: 1: The bungling ineptitude of the police on this occasion spoiled the situation further. 2: She spoiled many sheets while writing a letter. 3: The spoiled milk showed sourness. 4: the obtrusive behavior of a spoiled child 5: A mental elephant spoiled the field completely. 6: He companions have spoiled his habit. 7: The food proved to be spoiled when I smelled it . 8: Harry Hindmarsh, who believed Hemingway had been spoiled by his time overseas. 9: Mohr would claim the boxes Angleton removed were cases of spoiled wine. 10: , You have done a beautiful work, beautiful work, says a person who has spoiled the case before it is mixed
Spoiled ki paribhasha : jo bahut durdasha ko pahuanch gaya ho lohaaron ka ek aujaar jisase bado aur mote lohe men chhed kiya jaata hai

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The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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