Staging meaning in hindi | Staging ka matlab 

Staging meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Staging 
Usage of Staging: 1: Other halls staging music and theatre include The Hub 2: The city has frequently been a staging ground for regional conflicts 3: It was a staging point for all the mines in the surrounding area 4: After staging compromise talks with Mujib 5: It was used as a training and staging ground throughout the war. 6: However with improvements in cancer staging and surgical techniques 7: But such measures were not yet in place for the staging of The Relapse in 1696 8: It had been staging world three-cushion championships since the late 1920s. 9: It also says a Theatre displaying fairies, demons, sorcerers, and by extension, a room which is fitted with machines and a luxury staging 10: now says rather scene Game , which also specifically used to describe some movements settled in advance by staging
Staging ki paribhasha : chaar khabhon par baaans ka tattar baaandhakar banaaya hua spaan jisapar baithakar shikaar khelate ya khet ki rakhavaali aadi karate hain lakadi ki jaali ya thathari jo kuean ke muanh par rakhi rahati hai doosare vyaktiyon ke bhaashan tatha cheshta ko kuchh kaal ke liye dhaaran karana

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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