Staid meaning in hindi | Staid ka matlab 

Staid meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Staid 
Usage of Staid: 1: He is a staid person. 2: be mounted on stilts and figuratively means jokingly Having staid mind, speak with emphatically and use big words or Assign airs to get noticed 3: It says in the This same sense is staid, is staid, This has a constrained and staid 4: It takes sometimes, ironically, for a bombastic style and staid 5: Speech staid 6: This man is always solemn and staid 7: This man is always staid
Staid ki paribhasha : jyotish men vrash sinha, vrashchik aur kunbh ye chaar raashiyaaan, jo sthir maani gai hain saat ki snkhya ka vaachak shabd yajn ke yoop ka niche se pndrah aratni ka sthaan

Usage of Staid in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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