Stalk meaning in hindi | Stalk ka matlab 

Stalk meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Stalk 
Usage of Stalk: 1: The flow of protons makes the stalk subunit rotate 2: Retting is the process of rotting away the inner stalk 3: Cells of the reproductive stalk 4: Botanical Each subdivision of a branched stalk 5: Botanical Genus of plants of the family Primulaceae, so called because after flowering stalk that bears the seed twists spiral to sink like a twist in the earth 6: BRANCH says figuratively, in terms of Genealogy, different families that come out of one stalk 7: composed Leaf, one that is consisting of several leaflets attached to a common stalk 8: dichotomous stalk 9: He also said, in terms of Botany, of all stalk lying around which are attached several flowers 10: In terms of Botany, composite sheet, one that is consisting of several leaflets attached to a common stalk
Stalk ki paribhasha : haath men lekar vyavahaar ki jaanevaali vastu ka vah lnba patala bhaag jo mutthi men liya ya pakad jaata hai phal phoola, meve tatha khaane pine ki vastuean jo dliya men sajaakar kisi ke paas sammaanaarth bheji jaati hai oopar uthi hui shishe ki vah nali jisase lnp ka dhuana baahar nikalata aur prakaash phailata hai naram chhaal ke jhaadon aur paudhon ka dhad aur tahani shaakha ka vah ansh jisase pushpa, phala, patte aadi snyukt hote hain

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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