Steam meaning in hindi | Steam ka matlab 

Steam meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Steam 
Usage of Steam: 1: volcanic steam 2: Rajadhani & Shatabdi are steam trains. 3: The Director steam rollers the meetings. 4: In 1857, it acquired its first screw-driven steam warship, the ''Kanrin Maru''. 5: Japan completed her first domestically-built steam warship, ''Chiyodagata''. 6: At the 125-year-old Royal Colombo Golf Club in Sri Lanka steam trains 7: Currently there is a steam railway which runs between Douglas and Port Erin 8: Callaloo leaves are some times used to retain the steam and for extra flavor. 9: This effort picked up steam after UN sanctions were lifted in September 2003 10: Most countries had replaced steam locomotives for day-to-day use by the 1970s
Steam ki paribhasha : kisi taral padaarth ka aaanch ya garami ke kaaran ubalana paani ke bahut chhote chhote kan jo usake khaulane ki dasha men oopar ko uthate dikhaayi padte hain aur thadhak paakar kuharai aadi ka roop dhaaran karate hai

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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