Stew meaning in hindi | Stew ka matlab 

Stew meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Stew 
Usage of Stew: 1: Ram is very cunning. He knows how to stew others. 2: I'm in such a stew about my dog . 3: The cook skimmed the fat off the stew . 4: The cook spooned up chunks of meat from the stew . 5: The kids really tucked into the stew . 6: Tofu bamboos are often used in lamb stew or in a dessert soup. 7: It is a centuries-old stew that is still popular with Islanders 8: Food was mostly served on plates or in stew pots 9: Polish traditional stew 10: A lamb stew
Stew ki paribhasha : mitti ko paani dekar pair se kuchal aur saaph karake baratan banaane yogy banaana paani, doodha, ya aur kisi taral padaarth ko aag par rakhakar itana garam karana ki vah phen ke saath oopar uth aave kisi vastu ki usake svaami ke paroksh ya anajaan men le lena vah sthaan jahaaan bahut si chijen sngrah karake rakhi jaay patthar ya kaath ka gol paata jisapar roti beli jaati hai

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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