Storm meaning in hindi | Storm ka matlab 

Storm meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Storm 
Usage of Storm: 1: they brought about the boat when they saw a storm approaching 2: A disastrous cyclonic storm hit the Orissa coast. 3: The storm abated 4: With cyclonic storm hitting Orissa,the telephone lines went into disarray. 5: there was a lull in the storm 6: The storm has caused havoc. 7: slept soundly through the storm 8: The storm uprooted the trunk. 9: There was a storm but the boat is lie/ride at anchor. 10: They had to abandon the dogs to the storm .
Storm ki paribhasha : shattu se ladne ke liye dal bal sahit taiyaar haukar jaana aaghaat pahuanchaane ke liye kisi par jhapatana tabale par mahin aur sundar bolon ko bajaane ki riti vaayu ke veg ka upadrav bade veg ki hava jisase itani dhul uthe ki chaaron aur aandhera chha jaay

Usage of Storm in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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