Struggle meaning in hindi | Struggle ka matlab 

Struggle meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Struggle 
Usage of Struggle: 1: My struggle for my education 2: Launching of different product involves the struggle of different companies. 3: Mahatma Gandhi symbolised Indias struggle for freedom. 4: After a long struggle he cleared the exams. 5: South Africa has a history of long struggle against aparthied. 6: Mary refused to give up the struggle . 7: We had to struggle to make ends meet . 8: Although the struggle was not about religion 9: The repercussions of that struggle are still being felt to this day. 10: They will not support Sámr in another struggle with Hrafnkell
Struggle ki paribhasha : jo kramashaः buri haalat ko pahuancha ho aisi ladai jisamen haath pair chalaaye jaayan aaghaat karanevaale shatru par aaghaat karane ki kriya yaugik shabdon ke ant men prayukt vah kriya jo kisi kaary ko, visheshataः kuchh kathin kaary ko, poora karane ke liye ki jaay ek chij ka doosari chij ke saath ragad khaana aaghaat karanevaale shatru par aaghaat karane ka vyaapaar karana

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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