Summon meaning in hindi | Summon ka matlab 

Summon meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Summon 
Usage of Summon: 1: Whenever their pastors can summon a little group of the faithful together 2: He therefore had his wife Mary summon his friend 3: Telephone operators stayed at their stations for hours to summon doctors 4: Shackleton and five companions set out in a small boat to summon help 5: It is the prerogative of the monarch to summon 6: Shaka was finally able to summon a force capable of resisting the Ndwandwe . 7: The other chief function of summoners is to summon aeons 8: Fayth grant summoners the ability to summon their respective aeons 9: Call under the flags, or simply call, summon the soldiers from one class to go under the flags 10: I did summon to appear before the court
Summon ki paribhasha : adaalat ka vah soochanaapatr ya aadesh patr jisamen kisi ko nidisht samay par adaalat men upasthit ya haajir hone ki soochana ya aadesh likha rahata hai apani aur dhyaan aakarshit karane ke liye ooanche svar se snbodhan karana kisi se yah kahana ki tum amuk padaarth mujhe do kisi ko bolane men pravratt karana

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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