Superb meaning in hindi | Superb ka matlab 

Superb meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Superb 
Usage of Superb: 1: Steffigraph is superb tennis player. 2: I admire him for his superb acting.
Dont you admire my new bicycle?
3: He is superb at obstetrics. 4: Food in this dish has a superb flavour. 5: The Volga Delta and the nearby Caspian Sea offer superb fishing grounds. 6: For exaggeration, it is a seven wonders of the world, said of a superb building, or some other similar thing, a kind amazing 7: God lowers superb 8: We raised him a superb mausoleum
Superb ki paribhasha : jo badi sajaavat aur taiyaari ke saath ho

Usage of Superb in sentences

The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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