Superlative meaning in hindi | Superlative ka matlab 

Superlative meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Superlative 
Usage of Superlative: 1: Nancy gave the superlative answers in the class. 2: These fruits are of superlative quality. 3: A superlative trouble 4: adjective, adverb superlative 5: At superlative At the highest level 6: Beau is the positive, more beautiful is the comparative, beautiful or the most beautiful is the superlative 7: BEST, preceded by the article, is superlative and means Who is above all, of its kind, for kindness, utility 8: Faced with an adjective or a name taken adjectively he gives her in good or bad sense meaning superlative 9: I missed superlative 10: In French, the superlative is usually shaped with the words Very, highest, lowest
Superlative ki paribhasha : sabase nikrasht ya kharaab chhoti raani suruchi se utpann raaja uttaanapaad ka putr

Usage of Superlative in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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